Vol. II, no. 2
April 27 th , 2006

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Suite 201
Montreal, QC, H3G 2A9
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275, Slater street
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Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H9
Tel.: 613.688.0623
Fax: 613.688.1101

35, Grande-Allee East
Quebec, QC, G1R 2H5
Tel.: 418.684.8850
Fax: 418.684.8856

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Toronto, ON, M5E 1W7
Tel.: 416.363.5655
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Successful Campaign… Easily Done!

NouvellesYou thought about your document, hired a graphic designer to create what you had in mind and made sure that your staff is ready to meet the demand. Now, you’re only a few steps away from an high impact marketing campaign.

Reach the ones you want

Identify your target market and make sure they get the right information about your promotion or the launching of a new product. Who are your clients? Where are they located? There’s no additional charges to use our database, neither to have a list customize to your needs. We are managing several categories (accountants, architects, schools, public servants, etc.) and geographic areas (cities, provinces…).

Right time, right place
Timing is everything, you know that. To get the best results, fax broadcast your document a month before an event, promotion or sale, and then three weeks later, as a reminder. As for an email broadcast, it should be done every week, three weeks in a row. Don’t wait to much and be there on time for Christmas, Easter, the Summer Holidays… Also, why don’t you create a reason to celebrate? Have a Spring promotion, a Canada Day Special… or a Barbecue Extravaganza!

Don’t quit to soon
The key in direct marketing? Repetition. Make sure that you’re well-known and that people are aware of your products and services. That’s what we call the “top-of-the-mind” awareness: you’re there and they know it. There is no waste of time when they need what you’re providing. Contact our sales representatives to plan your direct marketing campaign.

A last glance…
Look at your document: a catchy title, a succinct description of what you’re offering and an easy way to contact you. Is everything there? Yes? Then you’re ready to get the business you thrived for!


NouvellesThe database accuracy used during a fax and/or e-mail broadcast is a determining factor in achieving a high Return On Investment (ROI).

INFAX/DIReCT-mail manage many databases out of several countries around the world. In that matter, you can use the INFAX/DIReCT-mail database and target your prospects using various search criteria, without any additional expenses. These criteria are: sic codes or business categories and geographical areas (state, province, department, city, postal code). The INFAX/DIReCT-mail lists are updated daily.

INFAX/DIReCT-mail follow all the known rules in order to manage the complaints and the removal requests. For a fax broadcast, a disclaimer is inviting the recipient to call a toll free telephone number where he will be able to leave the fax number to be removed. For an e-mail broadcast, a removal button is placed at the bottom of each message sent. We also allow the removals of fax numbers and e-mail addresses via our Web site

Participation in
International trade exhibition
as an exhibiton

Paris - France
Salon Entreprendre 2005

EconoPost "EconoPost has been using the services of Infax for well over 1 year and are extremely satisfied with the quality and speed of service they supply.

The staff are professional and courteous, and it is a pleasure
to deal with them

Kenneth N. Corber

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