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Maximize your broadcast

The content of your document represents the central key to your marketing strategy: it must have a catchy title; contain a brief and concise explanation leaving the client wanting to know more about your products and services; give clear instructions on how to reach you (telephone number, addresses, e-mail, etc). To incite people who will receive your document to contact you as soon as possible, think of adding a promotion including a reply coupon with a deadline.

A quality-designed document, including photographs, texts, graphs, etc, which is adapted to fax technology will enable you to achieve high-quality transmission and, at the same time, maximize the full impact of your fax broadcast (see fax broadcast samples).

In order to get the best possible reception, your document should be 1 to 2 pages long. However, for certain applications such as training courses, seminars or conventions, product listings, etc, the number of pages sent could range from 4 to 5 pages.

The chosen moment to broadcast your message is of utmost importance for optimizing your direct marketing campaign. Peak periods in the year (back to school, before Christmas, during spring, etc) come to mind, but simple weekdays can also be very efficient. A fax broadcast sent on a Friday afternoon will be much less profitable than one sent on a Tuesday morning. A good tip: think of the moments when you are more attentive and responsive to new information.

The broadcasting frequency is also a determining criterion in order to maximize the ROI of a database. With a fax broadcast, you are automatically guaranteed a minimum of returns, but it is more efficient to repeat the broadcasts over a specific period of time in order to increase the number of potential clients liable to contact you.

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"We have called upon the services of INFAX for over 10 years. During this time, they have shown great flexibility in meeting our specific needs. Fax broadcasting is always done in a fast and professional manner and we receive the transcription of the results promptly, which enables us to update our fax lists.

On several occasions, we noticed that our customers hold on to the material that we sent by fax. We have concluded that fax broadcasting via INFAX is an effective means to reach our customers."

Paul Mackey
Ruesécure inc.

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