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Business vision

"Our mission is to offer a simple, fast and effective
personalized fax and e-mail broadcast service,
ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients"

For over nineteen years, INFAX has provided more than 2000 clients worldwide with fax and e-mail broadcasts.

Over time, an impressive and diverse quantity of information has transited via our broadcasting network: surveys, promotions, opinions, forms, invitations, recalls, etc. These documents have reached an equally diverse number of companies: corporate affairs, travel agencies, manufacturers, trainers, translators, lecturers, etc. This confirms that fax and e-mail broadcasting generates a high Return on Investment (ROI) for a very broad range of organizations.

Over the past few years, global use of direct marketing tools (what is known as push marketing) has become increasingly popular. Only in very rare cases have one form of media platform eliminated another; radio has not eliminated newspapers, television has not eliminated radio and the Internet has not caused the disappearance of television. In fact, as marketing tools become more diversified, they take on bigger roles which result in a more effective and vast choice of marketing media for the customer whose objective is often varied. Fax and e-mail broadcasts are a great solution to this marketing reality.

We strongly believe that people prefer doing business with other people and that nothing can replace the bonds they create. At INFAX, our data-processing equipment helps address productivity requirements, but we do not claim to establish business connections with clients.

Our mission is to offer a simple, fast and effective personalized fax and e-mail broadcast service, to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Simple - we do everything possible to ensure that our client can easily
             contact us, obtain the desired information and avoid all forms
             of useless bureaucratic and/or technical procedures.

Fast - we answer our client's requests within competitive time.

Effective - every detail is important to us; we strive to ensure
                high-quality standards for our services.

Finally, it is important to realize that no media can guarantee the success of the company products and/or services offered. Do not believe the person who guarantees you sales results. The chosen media platform is but part of strategic marketing methods which eventually lead to sales. Fax and e-mail broadcasts rely upon an ensemble of determining factors ensuring the success of a broadcasting campaign: page layout, the price of product/service offered, the time and frequency of the broadcast, the product or the service itself, etc. Our INFAX advisers will take the time to analyse your product and/or service offered and will apply the best possible marketing strategy for you to fully maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Sincerely yours,


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